House Expert Technical Services
Safety & Security
Safety & Security services go hand in hand and are not exclusive from each other. We initiate and implement a suitable security program for the building, employ a competent security team, monitor its performance and ensure well trained personnel of a suitable caliber are available at all times.

Life Guards
Mansour Al Nasser Facilities Management would deploy lifeguards to ensure the safety of patrons of an aquatic facility by preventing and responding to emergencies. Our lifeguards are responsible for enforcing all pool rules fairly and consistently, ensuring proper pool water chemical levels, record keeping and maintaining a clean and enjoyable aquatic facility.

Air Conditioning, Electrical & Mechanical Services
The focus of Mansour Al Nasser Facilities Management’s MEP maintenance is on predictive and preventive maintenance of all MEP Services. Through our sub-contractors we provide maintenance of:
  • Air-Conditioning Systems – Services include District Cooling, Fan Coil System, Air Handlers, VAV, Chillers Systems, Duct Work maintenance, etc.
  • Building Fabric – Civil & Carpentry works
  • Plumbing and Water Treatment Plants – Fixtures and Equipment, Piping, Drainage and Water Supply, Water Purification Systems.

Pest Control
Periodical pest control measures including general disinfestations would be adopted for flying insects as well as rodents. Mansour Al Nasser Facilities management has strict quality controls and ensures that only eco-friendly and bio-degradable chemicals are used.

Water Tank Cleaning & Testing
Mansour Al Nasser Facility Management ensures the cleanliness and disinfection of water tank to the exacting standards required and set by Dubai Municipality. Its highly trained technicians are fully competent with a series of specific training. Our services include:
  • Pre-assessment
  • Disinfection
  • Flushing and sterilization
  • Final microbiological water testing
  • Chemical analysis

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